What our customers have to say about us

Great product, good value for the money. I order them every year. Great, friendly and helpful customer service. Speedy and efficient delivery. I would recommend OmegaBrite to anyone.

Lucy D

My experience with OmegaBrite has been uniformly positive and beneficial. I have used it for mood improvement when I have found myself feeling somewhat depressed. After regular use for 1 to 2 weeks, I have always felt better, with a much-improved outlook. All I can say is that it has worked for me, repeatedly. 

Peter O' N

“OmegaBrite has been, for me, a godsend. Over the years, I’ve needed many tools in my arsenal to deal with bipolar and OmegaBrite has become a trusted one. There’s no question it has made a much better quality of life possible.”

Lou C.

All our family takes OmegaBrite and have been for years. And, now our 10-year-old Labrador is taking it for his coat but I am certain it has improved other parts of his health, he just hasn’t said.

Laura B.

I love Omega Brite! It’s the only omega three product that I feel I can trust, based on my own experience, and prior to that, the multiple recommendations of others. Plus, their customer service is excellent!

Leslie S.

I was on a statin medication for my cholesterol which I could not tolerate.
I started taking OmegaBrite and my cholesterol was in normal range. OmegaBrite is all I take for cholesterol.

George L.

New website looks very good.  I believe in OmegaBrite, the only supplement I consume.

Tim O

OmegaBrite is a vital part of my health regimen. I’m off prescription medicine that I’ve been on for years and my mind and body continue to stay sharp thanks to OmegaBrite.    -Mike S

Mike S

As a child psychiatrist, I often recommend Omega 3 supplementation for my patients with ADHD and other conditions. OmegaBrite is unique as it offers the highest potency product available on the market and a full dose is contained in only a fraction of a teaspoon thus no need to take several huge pills to get the same benefit! It is a safe product with no additives, it is easy to administer and can be an effective alternative or adjunctive treatment for several conditions.

Vlad Kononchuk, MD Board Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

OmegaBrite is a wonderful product. It has helped me and my family with mood and attention span. It also inadvertently cleared up the acne of one of my adult daughters after having tried everything including high power lasers.

Laura A

I’ve been using OmegaBrite as part of my regular supplement routine for many years.  Every once in a while I’ll stop taking it accidently and I can really tell the difference in my attitude.  I start getting depressed and don’t want to do anything.  Then I’ll remember that I forgot to get my box of OmegaBrite out of the cabinet the last time I put my supplements together!  It really does help me with depression.

Cheri N.

We love OmegaBrite pills. We’ve been taking them for years and we are not dead yet, at ages 83 and 86! They must be doing something right.

Hale B.

Thank you for such a valuable product. I first started taking OmegaBrite about a decade ago and I found that it helped me “inside and out” including mood and skin. Whenever I run out of OmegaBrite, I notice a difference, so I signed up for the monthly delivery. When you take three pills daily, it can be expensive but it is worth the price!

Catherine H

13 years ago, I was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica. It is a condition where inflammation mainly affects shoulders, upper arms, hips, and knees. The pain makes it difficult to move. It can last for up to 5 years. After 2 1/2 years where it had decreased but was still very present, I started taking OmegaBrite, which seemed to eradicate the last of it. I am also convinced that had I started taking it right away I would have been symptom free sooner.

Karen B

Three years ago, a friend gave me 2 boxes of OmegaBrite to convince me to try it out. I have played with the daily doses ever since, and have settled on 3 pills a day. I am certain that this product, plus regular exercise, have been the cure to the stubborn low level depression that bugged me for years. It is not a single magic bullet, but a worthwhile monthly investment in my health I highly recommend.

Rita S.

OmegaBrite have helped me tremendously with various health issues. I have recommended OmegaBrite to family and friends as I strongly believe in this product

Alicia S.

I started OmegaBrite back in the early part of 2000 as advised by Pamela Seefeld, R.P.H. I have SLE Lupus, Arrhythmia, Heart Problems which are In my Family, and Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. OmegaBrite has greatly protected my heart and my severe arthritis and inflammation. I can tell the difference in lowering my dose by one gelcap!! Everyone could benefit from OmegaBrite and I have posted about it on my Medical Research Facebook Page for years. My father and Mother were told by the head of cardiology at University of Virginia to take OmegaBrite!!

Elizabeth H.

I have crippling painful arthritis in the ball joint of my foot and the orthopaedic surgeon wanted to operate.  Instead I take 4 capsules of OmegaBrite every day and I can jog 10-15 miles per week pain-free to exercise my miniature therapy horse.

Kerry O’D

Thank you for making this fine product. In addition, your on-line ordering and delivery service has been excellent with refills coming only a few days after ordering.

Gerald P

The quality of your product outweighs anything on the drug store shelf! Years of reliable fish oil designed specifically to match the research you did. There honestly is no other product compared to yours.  Grateful a company like yours still exist. Best Wishes!!

Jennifer C

His hyperactivity diminished extensively.

My eight-year old son was diagnosed with ADHD. After taking your product for six months, his hyperactivity diminished extensively! Also, he loves the orange cream flavor. Thank you so much for helping my family. Ive been using your OmegaBrite KIDZ product since February 2006.

Antoniella V.

OmegaBrite helped our child with ADHD.

I am writing to tell you what a difference OmegaBrite has had on my 6 year old sons behavior and concentration. He was recently diagnosed with ADHD and was having a horrible time in school. He has been sent to the principals office multiple times this school year and often times refused to do his work. At home, he was behaving badly to his 2 year old brother and not listening to myself or his dad. We have only been using OmegaBrite KIDZ for 2 weeks now but my son has had a complete turnaround. He has been calm, focused, well-mannered and happy and all of this change started after only taking the Omega Brite for 4 days. He reports feeling better and more calm. My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Jennifer S.

Thank you for giving my daughter new hope and confidence.

My daughter was diagnosed with ADD since she was in the 3rd grade. We would both end up crying every night with homework and just her everyday struggles with not retaining things, impulsiveness and her attitude in general. Her doctor suggested OmegaBrite and she is off to a wonderful start this year in school. We both are so extremely grateful. Thank you for giving my daughter new hope and confidence. She is an amazing 12 year old.

Vickie P.

I’m so happy that he is changing.

A very good friend of mine gave me a bottle of OmegaBrite KIDZ for my son. I have been devastated with my son’s behavior and lack of concentration at school, every single day the teachers complained about my son (he is 6 years old.) Since I started providing my son with OmegaBrite KIDZ the change has been 90% positive. Everybody in the school has something positive to say about my son. I’m so happy that he is changing, he is paying attention, he is following instructions, and his behavior has improved tremendously.

Nancy C.

“We really like the high quality of OmegaBrite. We are very happy we can trust that it is not contaminated with a bunch of unwanted ingredients. Their customer service is very reliable and easy to access.”

Toni A.

“Since starting a daily dosage of OmegaBrite, I would say that I’m in a more pleasant and calmer state of being. Incredible feeling! I’m also very pleased that there isn’t any aftertaste from the children’s liquid formula or my capsules.”

Claudia C

OmegaBrite was recommended to me by an American doctor overseas almost 10 years ago, and I have found their customer service to be the best.

I have continued to be a customer in three different countries and they have always been quickly responsive to my complicated address changes by phone or email.

I continue to believe that OmegaBrite is of the highest quality and a good formulation and again, their reliable customer service stands out in this age of endless loop voicemails and total lack of customer service of many other companies.

Thank you, OmegaBrite!

Mary M.

I love Omega Brite! It’s the only omega three product that I feel I can trust, based on my own experience, and prior to that, the multiple recommendations of others. Plus, there customer service is excellent!

Leslie S.

OmegaBrite is a wonderful product. It has helped me and my family with mood and attention span. It also inadvertently cleared up the acne of one of my adult daughters after having tried everything including high power lasers

Laura A.

I have been a loyal OmegaBrite customer for more than 10 years. My therapist recommended it as a more natural anti depressant. As a pharmacist I was a bit skeptical but now would not miss a dose. My mood is brighter and my thinking clearer. No upset stomach or bad “fishy” taste as the product is extremely more refined in the manufacturing process than any other.
Highly recommend it for all the right reasons.

Ellen R.

My family and I have been taking Omega Brite for 3 months, in the evenings and the results have been very good as both of our physical and psychological conditions and health have been improved. I highly recommend this good product to any person who is willing to improve their health.

Ciara I.

This is probably the most important supplement my family takes. I really appreciate the purity (OmegaBrite has been tested and passed by Consumer Reports) and the high concentration which makes the gels half the size of other fish oil softgels. Your product has greatly alleviated the symptoms of depression and bipolar like irritability, moodiness and sadness in my entire family. Even my skin is smoother! When I stop taking it, I can really tell the difference. I share it with my extended family for their mental and heart health. We really depend on it and we’re grateful to have it”

R. Pine

About four years ago my physician husband suggested I take three OmegaBrite capsules each morning to address my “spreading” osteoarthritis. I reluctantly began because I thought I would need to endure fish oil fishiness all day, but to my relief that wasn’t the case. After about a month, I found the arthritis pain and the worsening deformities abating and after a while my affected fingers were actually straightening. I recommend OmegaBrite to many people with a gift of a month’s supply. Thank you for this product. As you see I am a regular subscriber.

Wendy M.

Great product! It really does improve a persons mood without drugs. Everyone should try OmegaBrite.

BM., Your Content Goes Here

OmegaBrite is working so well.

I’m a bipolar who has dealt with the condition for 23 years. I have been getting wonderful results, particularly with helping the mild hypomania I have experienced in using the new mood stabilizer Lamictal. I really get none of the edginess I’ve gotten like I did when I was using Seroquel for the hypomania. I am hoping to discontinue the other medications now that OmegaBrite is working so well.

Ken H.

Realizing that with OmegaBrite staying focused was now something I could do quite easily.

I have enjoyed a steady state of well-being throughout. At the time I started on OmegaBrite I suffered from adult attention deficit disorder. Ten months later, I gave up Ritalin, realizing that with OmegaBrite staying focused was now something I could do quite easily. Not only that, but I was able to discontinue the use of Xanax.

The most dramatic change in body chemistry, however, came in my readings of my blood lipids. Prior to taking OmegaBrite, I suffered hypercholesterolemia and heart disease. Only with 60mgs of Lipitor a day was I able to drop my cholesterol to 200/ My triglycerides and LDL were consistently abnormally high. Six weeks after starting OmegaBrite my cholesterol level dropped to 123. My cardiologist declared that my lipid figures looked like those of a vegetarian. To summarize, OmegaBrite has allowed me to discontinue two psychotropic medications and begin reduction of the remaining two, while maintaining an elevated mood and pervasive sense of well being. OmegaBrite has also brought my cholesterol figure down to the neighborhood of 150.

Nicholas E.

Within one day I had my answer – complete and well-researched.

I am very impressed with this company. I had some questions about the make-up of one of the products. The information I needed was not readily available, so the representative said they would get back to me with the answer. Within one day I had my answer – complete and well-researched. Clearly, they are interested in a high quality product as well as good customer service!

Myrna R.

OmegaBrite had such a dramatic effect I wanted to thank you.

I never write letters of approval for any product but OmegaBrite had such a dramatic effect I wanted to thank you. My 36 year old husband is bipolar, has psoriasis and ulcerative colitis. He has been taking three pills per day for many months. It has been absolutely amazing how it has transformed his life. In his words, he feels terrific. He is much happier and grateful. I take four pills a day and I no longer get tachycardia and psoriasis and my over all condition has improved greatl

Mary C.

In only 5 months, I was able to bring my HDL to a scary low of 0.75 to a healthy 1.28.

Dear manufacturer of OmegaBrite,
I have been taking your product since October of 2004. I was made aware of it through your website and purchased it on-line. I needed a good source of Omega 3 to help me deal with my elevated cholesterol levels and – even more importantly – my low HDL (good) cholesterol.

My doctor tells me that keeping cholesterol in-check is important, but keep my good cholesterol at higher levels is even more. I am diabetic (type 2). So keeping my cholesterol in-check is all the more important.

I am taking your product along with some new and improved food choices. I eat healthier foods than ever before. However, I have been doing that for years. And my cholesterol was still imbalanced. I could take prescription drugs but the side effects seem so counterproductive. So, I wanted a natural alternative. Your OmegaBrite seemed ideal.

I am writing to you after my latest test results have come in. It goes like this:
HDL levels (good cholesterol)
Oct 04: 0.75
Dec 04: 1.03
Jan 05: 1.12
Mar 05: 1.28
In only 5 months, I was able to bring my HDL to a scary low of 0.75 to a healthy 1.28 (1.1 is the healthy breakpoint). That’s a 71% improvement!

Thank you for making a great product.

Diane R.

I have renewed my license and have started a new private practice.

I am impressed with the efficiency of your product. I was forced into early retirement because of depression. Now since I have been taking OmegaBrite, my energy has returned. I have renewed my license and have started a new private practice.

George S.

My mood has improved with the use of OmegaBrite but I also discovered that most of my aches and pains have disappeared.

I started taking OmegaBrite a couple of months ago to help with my mood. This winter in Michigan (2005-2006) has been especially dreary with long dark nights and cloudy days. Periods of a few weeks would pass without sight of the sun.

I found that my mood has improved with the use of OmegaBrite but I also discovered that most of my aches and pains have disappeared as well. The nagging bursitis in my hip that I have lived with for the last 10 years is gone. The pain from my tennis elbow is almost gone. I can play the piano once again without pain in my hands. I can get up from stooping without the little twinge of pain in my knees that I have come to expect. I don’t remember the last time my body has felt this good.


There is treatment and there is hope.

You may have been told or may of read that Huntington’s disease always gets worse. You may even believe that there is no hope. Conventional dogma about HD is wrong. There is treatment and there is hope.

The Huntington’s Disease Lighthouse 01-Sep-01 hdlighthouse.org
HD patient William, #22 in the EPA Study, began taking OmegaBrite for 2 grams of EPA/day


My good cholesterol has risen from 88 to 112.

I love OmegaBrite Omega-3 product. I was suffering from clogged arteries and high cholesterol. My doctor suggested Omega-3s and told me to get the pharmaceutical grade so I did. My good cholesterol has risen from 88 to 112 on my last blood test. I also feel great; the Omega 3s seem to be helping with my breathing problems. I have asthma and I know it has gotten better since taking this product.

Nancy H.

Since I started taking OmegaBrite my pain level has diminished.

This is an excellent product. I have used other O3 products in the past and never got the benefits as this. I have been suffering with neuropathy since last September after a serious illness, since I started taking OmegaBrite my pain level has diminished. So I am getting better rest at night, I have more energy in the day, Mood is greatly approved I have 2 doctors that I cant wait to see again. To tell them about it, I am hoping to decrease the number of prescriptions and start cutting back on the dosage. Such as Prozac, Xanax, and various pain remedies. Thank you for this product.

Linda P.

Need to be as mentally sharp as possible.

I am a hospital pharmacist and need to be as mentally sharp as possible. When I became bipolar, I was started on a prescription mood stabilizer which made it difficult for me to function in my job. With the help of OmegaBrite, I’ve been able to substantially reduce the dose of prescription medication, and am doing well. Thank you.


Thank you for giving me a ‘new life’.

I have had a miracle recovery from my depression of 10 years since taking your Omega 3 product five months ago. I have tried almost everything to get relief, but to no avail until I starting taking OmegaBrite. I praise God for your product. Thank you for giving me a ‘new life’. I continue to promote your product to others of the wellness I have received from OmegaBrite. thankyou

Heather M.

OmegaBrite saved my life.

I have suffered with severe depression for over ten years. Since starting to take OmegaBrite, I have had a complete recovery and am off all medication. It is brain food that keeps me alive. The company is excellent in all my purchase transactions. I have nothing but praise for this product and this company.

Heather M.

I wouldn’t do without it.

Omega3 Fatty Acids should be the first line of treatment for mood disorders. OmegaBrite plus vitamins has been the most powerful and longest lasting treatment for me, and I’ve tried almost everything. I’ve battled with severe Bipolar for over 14 years. I started taking OmegaBrite over 2 years ago, and I wouldn’t do without it. I take 3 caps every few days, along with 100MG Vitamin B6, 1000MCG Vitamin B12, 1000MG Vitamin C, and 400IU Vitamin E. That’s all I take, and I feel like I can truly say, I’m Cured. Plus it takes care of inflammation from my herniated disc. Thank You, Omega Natural Science!

Brock L

My life has changed in every way.

I had heart disease, type II diabetes, arthritis, bi-polar disorder, a metabolic disorder, and was diagnosed with Asperger’s. In the six months I have been on an omega-3 diet, including 6 capsules of OmegaBrite everyday, my life has changed in every way. I am no longer arthritic or bi-polar, I have a healthy heart, and two weeks ago my physician was astonished to say that the results of a hemoglobin test confirmed I am no longer diabetic. In regards to the Asperger’s, I am no longer dyspraxic, I can internalize thoughts, my OCD and ADHD are under control and get better everyday, and I am seeing a reading specialist for my dyslexia. I am beginning to date for the first time in my life. I can honestly say I would not be alive and healthy if it was not for OmegaBrite.

David R.

I couldn’t believe the difference! OmegaBrite helps.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease approximately six years ago and have been on many medications, none of which I found relief from. I recently had a flare-up, but was still nursing my daughter at the time, so I was limited on what type of medications I could take. I spoke with my doctor, who suggested that I try OmegaBrite. At first I was a little skeptic of just a supplement working, however, I tried his method and I couldn’t believe the difference! OmegaBrite helps tremendously with the inflammation in my GI tract and the cramping has completely diminished!

Kim R.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

My sons and I have been taking OmegaBrite for just over three months now….and I wanted to thank you. My youngest is diagnosed with PDDNOS (Autism Spectrum Disorder) as well as gastrointestinal issues. His reflux has lessened and he is recovering quickly from bouts of anger. My eldest son’s eczema is clearing. I am diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease, Type II Diabetes, and a ’bout or two’ with depression. I need to say that I feel the best that I have in a LONG time. As the winter approaches and the usual anxiety of the holidays rush in, I find myself smiling and laughing things ‘off’ more. I only wish that I knew of your product sooner.


We all started on OmegaBrite in my family about 3 weeks ago and I can see a difference in myself and my son! How to describe the change? A slight mood elevation, clearer focus, and my morning run has gotten easier!!! This product was recommended by my psychiatrist and he even said, I use it myself! Thank you so much.

Claudia M.

This product is the best thing I have ever taken. Its value is more than I can write or say. I have recommended it to all my family and friends. From the very first day I started taking OmegaBrite, I felt the dramatic change in my mood and my energy level was boosted. The most notable difference was that it did not give me a headache as most products of this kind would do. Thanks so much and may God bless you for this wonderful product.

Gilmore H.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the beginning of this year and my condition at the time was very severe. I was taking so much medication I kept forgetting, so decided to try and get the disease under control through diet and supplements. A good friend introduced me to OmegaBrite and I started to take it in June 2006 and since then my health has improved dramatically. I am not taking any medication any more and I feel absolutely great. I totally believe you are what you eat. Since I have been taking OmegaBrite I have had no flare ups or cramping, my skin has improved dramatically and my quality of life is the best it has ever been. Also my concentration levels have improved 100%. I have nothing but great things to say about this company and the people who work for it..THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!

Kelly B.

I put the entire family on OmegaBrite almost four weeks ago. My daughter has shown great improvement in her rage symptoms that come with Bipolar; we had her on a store brand omega-3 supplement prior to this. My husband is experiencing less swelling and pain in his arthritic knee. My 4 year old son has not been diagnosed but has shown great improvement in his rage and temper. My 2 and a half year old son has show so many improvements in his speech that I swear OmegaBrite must be a miracle. He has multiple developmental delays and up until three weeks ago rarely put two words togetherwell not anymore! We are getting two to three word sentences and new words daily. As for myself, I am just feeling better in general with less aching all over and a general feeling of wellness. I just think OmegaBrite is amazing and have already recommended it to several people. Thank you for putting out such a great product.

Cindy Y.

I have lupus, and the joint pain used to be unbearable. But taking OmegaBrite makes it possible for me to get out of bed and do so many things I could never do before. Thanks!eling better in general with less aching all over and a general feeling of wellness. I just think OmegaBrite is amazing and have already recommended it to several people. Thank you for putting out such a great product.

Kendall J.

This is the absolutely best supplement I take.

This is the absolutely best supplement I take. My whole family has benefited from taking high doses of omega-3s, and we appreciate the high concentration (which means we get to take half-gram capsules instead of whole gram-capsules), the quality (unlike most fish oil products, OmegaBrites capsules are never rancid), and the purity (the product has been rated and passed by Consumer Reports). I don’t know what Id do without it!

R Pine