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Our mission is to develop natural products of the highest quality that promote health and well being based on scientific evidence.

Fifteen years ago, OmegaBrite, set the gold standard for purity, concentration and scientific efficacy in omega-3s. We have continued to set the standard ever since.

While on faculty at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Locke formulated the first 90% high concentrate formula of pure omega-3, creating the first pharmaceutical grade high quality omega-3 supplement. Dr. Locke’s goal in creating OmegaBrite was simply to create the highest purity Omega 3 supplement based on science.

We were told what we wanted to create was too impractical, too expensive to make, too difficult to distill to such a high purity, high quality omega-3. But we stuck to our goal of creating the best omega-3 possible and brought to the world OmegaBrite, high concentrate, high EPA omega-3 with no after taste.

Our commitment to purity, safety and efficacy is the foundation of everything we do. We set the standard in omega-3 to bring you the very best from science and nature.

The Company

OmegaBrite was first formulated by Dr. Locke in 1998 while on faculty at Harvard Medical School. OmegaBrite is the leading provider of omega-3 and nutritional supplements based on the scientific evidence of efficacy of omega-3 fatty acids for improving cardiac health, emotional well-being, joint comfort, and overall health.

OmegaBrite received the Nutrition Business Journal’s Product Merit Award for creating the category of high concentrate Omega-3 supplements, bringing to the public the first high EPA omega-3 supplement, educating the public on the health benefits of EPA and omega-3s and raising the standards in the industry for purity and quality.

Exceeding all industry standards for purity and efficacy, OmegaBrite is ConsumerLabs approved. In reviews of pharmaceutical grade omega-3’s by ConsumerLabs and top universities, OmegaBrite tops the list.

In 1998 at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Locke set out to formulate the highest quality omega-3. Over seventeen years later OmegaBrite continues to raise the bar in purity, testing, and standards.

Formulation and Purity

OmegaBrite’s pharmaceutical quality omega-3 is manufactured using Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) in a nitrogen environment, undergoing several molecular distillations to remove potential heavy metals or toxins (and therefore eliminate any aftertaste) and to obtain the maximum concentration of EPA and omega-3. OmegaBrite is continually manufactured using nitrogen to prevent the oxidation that occurs when omega-3s are exposed to the oxygen in the air. We only use small fish off the cold, clean waters of Peru and Chile to deliver the highest quality omega-3 on the market.

As a member of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA (GOED), OmegaBrite is a leader in the community and continues to raise the bar for third party testing procedures.

OmegaBrite was the first high concentrate omega-3 to introduce third party laboratory testing on every batch. Every batch of OmegaBrite has been tested before, during, and after production to ensure the highest quality omega-3 available.

OmegaBrite has also been independently tested by ConsumerLabs, winning their independent seal of approval by exceeding their highest standards for purity, potency, and accurate label claims.

At OmegaBrite we set the standard over fifteen years ago and we raise it every day.
Our commitment to excellence drives everything we do.

About Dr. Carol Locke, MD

Dr. Carol Locke - Founder of OmegaBrite - High Quality Fish Oil Supplements

Dr. Carol Locke is a practicing physician – Harvard educated and Harvard trained. Dr. Locke’s work focuses on an integrative evidence approach to improving people’s lives in both her practice and in her formulation of new natural products based on scientific evidence. Dr. Locke’s passion is helping people in her practice and in the development of new natural products to help her patients and the general public live better, longer, healthier lives.

Dr. Locke is a leader in educating both the medical community and the public on the health benefits of omega-3s. Deeply committed to promoting awareness of the health benefits of omega-3s around the world, Dr. Locke has spearheaded the creation and launch of the first International Omega-3 Awareness Day.